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Free Calculator

This web-based pricing calculator for lessors is completely free, no registration is required, and there is no software to download or install. You can simply use the calculator anytime you want, from anywhere.

The calculator handles both true leases (in which the lessor claims tax benefits) and finance leases (no tax benefits). This calculator offers many powerful features, allowing you to determine the economic impact of interim rents, delayed vendor payment, and many other factors. To go to the calculator Click Here, or visit www.Lease-vs-Buy.com/yieldcalc/pc.php

Even better, you can also access the calculator from your smartphone or other mobile device. We offer a special version of the calculator designed for the smaller screen size and limited browser capability of most smart phones. Of course, if you prefer, depending upon your own screen size and type of mobile device, you can simply access the regular version from your mobile device. The choice is yours.

Again, the mobile version of the calculator is free, and there is no software to download or install. To go to the mobile version Click Here, or visit www.Lease-vs-Buy.com/yieldcalc/mobile.php

Premium Version

We also offer an optional Premium service, if you choose, for an annual fee of $100. The Premium version allows you to save your assumptions and results online. This makes it easier to review or modify your calculations at a later time, without the need to re-enter data. This can be especially helpful if you are trying to compare multiple scenarios.

With the Premium version, you can work on your calculations on your pc back at your office, then store them and look at them later from your mobile device when you are in the field. Or you make some quick calculations from your mobile device, and then print them out later back in the office. The Premium version also makes it easy to share your results with others.

Click here to sign up for the Premium version. Or click here to learn more.